About the Author

Kelly has been teaching Organic, General, Introductory Chemistry, and Forensics at Penn College for 15 years.  From 2003-2009, she was the department head for Natural Sciences. Prior to Penn College, Kelly taught for 3 years at Asheville-Buncombe Technical College and 1 year at TC Roberson High School both located in Asheville, NC.

Kelly was one of the first instructors at Penn College to embrace distance education and taught her first online course in 2002.  She has developed 11 different online courses and labs as well as 3 science-elective courses.  In addition to teaching students at Penn College, Kelly has also developed and is the facilitator for the Online Teaching and Learning professional development series offered online for Penn College faculty, administrators, and staff.

Kelly continues her experimentation with educational pedagogy using new technology and software as well as integrating emerging technologies into the face-to-face and online environments.  Kelly completed her doctoral degree in education specializing in e-learning.  Her area of study was the flipped classroom learning environment.

Kelly has 4 children ages 16, 14, 12, and 8 who keep her very busy as a taxi driver and cheerleader.  You can find her at basketball games, swim meets, and soccer games with laptop in tow.

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