The results are in….

Test 2 in the #flipped general chemistry class has been graded.  The median was a 75%.  The grades ranged from an 8%-100%.  14% of the grades were below a 50% and of those below a 50% over 2/3rds did not do the homework that was assigned.  The median is not statistically different from the lecture class, but again, the range of grades is quite different.

Grades from test 2 in the lecture class from Fall 2012 ranged from 39-94%, but only 4.5% of the students earned grades below 50%.  I do have 10% more students in the flipped class section who entered college at the remedial math level.  But, I don’t think math level entering college predicts success in a flipped classroom.

What I do see is that students are doing less problems outside of class.  Since we primarily work on problems in class, I don’t think many do problems outside of class to reinforce the concepts.  In fact, I don’t think many are reading or viewing the vodcasts either.   I give vodcast quizzes to “make” them view the vodcasts, but even this does not seem to motivate them all of the students.

I have made other interesting observations from both my forensics and gen chem classes.  I assigned groups based on performance on test 1.  I assumed the best group dynamic would be a high, middle, and lower achiever.  Wrong!  Most of the high achievers only want to work with high or middle achievers. They are getting frustrated and seem to not want to waste time explaining the concepts.  The middle to low achievers are intimidated to work with the high achievers because they don’t want to appear to not know anything or the high achiever moves too quickly through a problem.  My best group/partners are like achievers. Interesting……  Although, this observation may not have external validity.

Another observation is the lack of note taking when powerpoint slides are available.  When checking student notes, these “notes” in forensics consist of just the ppt, nothing added.  I have a few who will add to the notes (and those students have earned higher grades… surprise).  As a result, I have decided to NOT provide ppt files to my students.  I will let them take notes the old-fashioned way:  writing the information down.  I may need to give a lesson on note-taking.  Anyone already have this lesson as a vodcast?

There are only 4 weeks left in the semester.  I hope to continue to post my observations.  I will be administering a survey about the flipped classroom in both forensics and gen chem.  I am looking forward to reading the results.


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