#Motivation in #Flipclass

Week 7 in the flip class was fairly uneventful.  Students seem to be settling into the routine.  The Forensics students seem to have adjusted better.  I asked for feedback via note cards and only one said he/she preferred the lecture.  Most really liked the fact that they could work with each other on the questions.  There are a few students that are not motivated in class to work on the answers collaboratively.  These students come to class unprepared and do not do well on the vodcast quiz.  This doesn’t seem to be a concern to them.  I am guessing that these students are the “D=degree”-minded students.  Not much motivation to really learn the material; just pass the class to earn a degree.

Gen Chem is going better.  BUT the concepts are not focused on mathematics.  Naming and drawing Lewis structures requires little math and more memorization.  It will be interesting when I ask them to think about shape and reactivity.  I am hoping they will be able to evaluate.

Interesting statistics… 39% of the students earned less than a 70% on test 1.  Of these students, only one came to see me during office hours as requested.  25% of the students in the class failed to submit their Connect assignment (online homework set of 22 questions) last week.  Students are permitted to work on Connect and in class problems during our face-to-face time.  Most students who are not passing the class are blaming the flipped classroom learning environment (communication from academic success staff).  These are the same students who are not coming prepared to class or completing the Connect problems.  I really feel that success is attributed to motivation to learn and good ole GRIT.  (read about self-determination theory here).

However, I am seeing that those semi-motivated students are becoming more motivated (extrinsic to intrinsically motivated) in the flipped classroom.  These students are starting to ask really good questions and are working more collaboratively in class modeling self-regulated learning.  71% of the students earned above a 80% on the quiz last week.  This is a 21% increase from the previous quiz (before test 1).  I am hopeful that Test 2 grades will increase similarly.


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