Week 3 #Flipclass: Lecture or Student-Guided Teaching?

Another week of flipping, teaching, and learning completed.  Forensics is going great!  (well at least from my perspective).  Only issue is that some students are not taking notes on the vodcast/reading.  In fact, several students (2-3) come in with the in-class questions completed and no notes.  Again, I don’t understand this.  Why not do what I ask them?  It leads me to believe that they are getting the answers from another source so that they have to do nothing in class or out of class.  I did “check notes” for a quiz grade and the students who had the questions done and no notes received a zero.  I am interested in seeing if this changes their behaviors.  Hate to use a “stick” to “make” students complete tasks in a certain way, but it’s also not fair to those students who are really working hard.

General Chemistry is not going quite as well.  It’s not bad… it’s just that I find myself “talking” too much.  I do the “review” at the beginning of class (today was electron configurations and quantum numbers).  The review ends up being 45 minutes!  BUT, the students ask the questions and we only focus on the concepts they don’t “get”.  So, even though I’m “lecturing”, I feel as though the students are guiding the lecture.  They are constantly asking for clarification during this “lecture”.  I would rather call it “student-guided teaching” versus a lecture.

After the “review”, I give them a “vodcast/reading” quiz to assess whether they completed the vodcast/reading.  I allow students to use their notes.  I will also do a “check note” assessment.  I plan on eventually doing what the “flipped experts” do and give a quiz right after the vodcast online.  This should save me tons of class time.


It seems as though I have a greater number of students who struggle with mathematics and critical reasoning skills.  I am aware of a great number of students who are accustomed to just memorizing.  I hope this is just because of the one-on-one interaction flipping has provided and not because our students are becoming less and less prepared for the rigors of college.  I have to make sure I “visit” the students who are not struggling.  They deserve one-on-one interaction also.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 #Flipclass: Lecture or Student-Guided Teaching?

  1. Matt Eisley

    It is unfortunate that we have to rely solely on the extrinsic motivator of the student’s grade to “encourage” them to complete the assignment. In regards to the assessment immediately after the video…a Google Form, paired with conditional formatting on the backend, could provide a mechanism for auto-graded quizzes. Tried it this past week with my HS class and it worked pretty smoothly.

    1. kellybutzler Post author

      You will have to send me the link to the Google form. I feel as though I’m working harder than some of these students (2-3 of them). They are trying everything to get out of just doing what I ask them to do. AND they are still bringing in the completed questions which I suspect have been completed by a former student.


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