Week One #Flipclass

I am pleased with how the first week of flipping both forensics and gen chem went.

A few quick observations:

When I entered the forensics classroom on Friday, the students had already gotten into their groups and were working on the questions.  Wow!  (I wasn’t late either).  It was great to see them moving naturally into this collaborative learning experience.  I did ask them if they would rather work with a partner instead of groups of 4-5.  They all said that this arrangement worked.

Regarding my Gen Chem class…. I have found them to be mostly on task and prepared for this learning experience.  BUT, I had one student not able to find the vodcasts after I showed the class where to access them.  I also have several students who have not even logged into the LMS let alone view the vodcasts.  I think we need to realize that even though this is the “Net Generation” not all students are digital experts.  I made a quick Camtasia screencast that showed how to navigate the LMS to find the vodcasts.  Worked like a charm!

More to come this week as we enter Week 2 of flipping.


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