Flipped class and Academic Integrity

I have been teaching Forensics for about 8 years.  In past semesters, I asked students to come to class having read the chapter and the end-of-chapter questions completed.  I started class by checking each students’ answers to the questions.  I only checked for completeness, not correctness… students were able to collaborate in class on the answers.  I followed the collaboration period with a question/answer session on any concept that stumped them.  Seldom did students have questions.  I went right into the next chapter lecture thinking they understood everything they read from the previous chapter.  I really knew they didn’t, but I didn’t want to push it… they were college students who should be self-regulated learners.  The unit exams were never good.

Now using the flipped classroom learning environment, students come in with notes taken from the vodcast.  Questions that were normally done as homework are now completed in groups of 4-5.  Last week and again today, a student came with the questions already done.  Hmmmm… no the student did not have notes from the vodcast and the vodcast quiz clearly indicated that the chapter was not read.  How could the student have the answers to these questions completed?  I probed a bit…. the student indicated that she misunderstood the “homework” assignment.  Really?  Twice?

I’m not that naive not to realize that students were “sharing” homework question answers.  However,  I believe it was worse than I had imagined.  Now with the flipped classroom, students are forced to be accountable for their OWN answers.  They can’t hide behind cheating.


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