First #Flipclass day

I am exhausted!  Thankfully, I’m not one to wear heals or uncomfortable shoes.  Since I have a carpeted classroom, I even went one step further… I took my shoes off.

I have 50 General Chemistry students jammed into one smallish classroom.  The table/desk arrangement is traditional:  long tables with chairs.  I meet with these students on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Not much time with them and 5 days between meetings.  Unfortunately, I can’t just assign a 10 minute video for each class.  Instead, I assigned them 40 minutes videos and told them that they do not have to view them at one sitting.  I did not group students in 3-4 as the tables are too difficult to move around.  Instead, I suggested just working in pairs then compare their answers with a pair next to them.  It seemed to work!

I began today by answering their questions from the video lecture.  They had several.  It was a great way to review the vodcast and really focus on what they wanted to learn.  I followed this with a partner “vodcast quiz”.  This worked really well as they were able to learn from each other without the pressure of a “first assessment”.  I explained to them that this was “low stakes” and that I wanted them to hone in on what they did not really understand.

After finishing the quiz, students began working on the “in-class problem packet”.  I compiled chemistry problems by chapter in one packet that they will work on during class.  Here is when my running began.  I went from one end of the room to the other.  I stopped the class whenever I had more than one group confused about the same problem.  It was great!  We could focus on the tough stuff and I was able to address their confusion and provide them feedback immediately.

I had one student break out into song.  Another provided a way for students to remember significant figures (Atlantic and Pacific… never heard that one so I learned something new too!).  I learned most of their names ON THE SECOND DAY OF CLASS!  The class was loud and their personalities emerged.  No one slept.

I did miss visiting a few groups.  I need to make sure I give all groups attention, not just those who are raising their hands.  I need to make sure I ask each student if they need help.  I think we will all be more efficient in this process as we get more comfortable.  I am excited that I didn’t have to talk TO them today.  And they had the opportunity to talk to ME.

Really excited for next week!!


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