#clmooc Make Cycle 3 Reflection

Interesting week for the Make Cycle 3.  We have used mapping to connect with our peers about various topics.  I did make one map or rather more of a flowchart that one could use to think about new online programs.  I am pretty concrete and application-driven.  But, this is also apparent in my fields of study…. chemistry, science education, and now an applied doctoral degree.  Philosophical views of learning are important, but I am more interested in the application of these views.

One of the questions this week was about how my learning and making is supported by peers.  Since I am a interpersonal learner (according to Gardner’s MI theory), making connections and learning from my peers is ideal for me.  I enjoy brainstorming with colleagues, but seldom do we have the time to let this happen.  As a result, I have relied on Twitter and other social media to provide “anytime, anywhere” interpersonal learning.

Since my teaching areas are in the sciences, I encourage my students to form learning groups.  At one time I made this mandatory, but realized that not every student wanted to learn with others.  We as teachers need to be cognizant that not all students learn the way we learn and that we need to offer students multiple methods for knowledge acquisition.

I hope to participate in the upcoming Twitter chats and Google Hangouts.  But, every weeknight is filled with my kids’ activities so I’m not sure if I will be able to make it.  The beauty of the MOOC is that nothing is graded or mandatory and is a practical application of the principles of learner autonomy.  I hope to take advantage of this autonomy and learn for the sake of learning.


1 thought on “#clmooc Make Cycle 3 Reflection

  1. Bart Miller

    I also find it difficult to participate in ‘realtime’ chats and lessons, but hope to see you there! I’m of the opinion that there is no boundary between the philosophical and applied elements of learning.


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