Journey to the #Flipped Classroom… Part 2

Some of my students didn’t learn best by reading.  Some didn’t know how to take notes.  Some didn’t even bother trying.  I did take a step in the right direction…..  but now I needed to meet the needs of all learners with regards to their learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Snow days wrecked havoc to my organic classes during the Spring of 2011.  I lost almost 2 weeks of class.  How to make up the days???

Early in my online teaching career, I found my online students learned in different ways and just reading directions was not meeting the needs of all learners.  As a result, I had been using CamtasiaRelay to screen capture my Angel site to provide a “tour” of the site.  These screencasts provided students with directions and an introduction that met the needs of the both the auditory and visual learner.

Could I “lecture-capture” my organic lectures using Camtasia Relay and assign these vodcasts prior to the face-to-face (F2F) class?  It would save at least one hour of face-to-face time and I could spend more of this valuable time working on problems. 

So I began “lecturing” to my office  wall.  I was SO boring!  I could hardly stand myself.  I got better at talking to myself as I recorded more lectures.  (This really scared me!).  This served the purpose and I did save valuable F2F time.  However, I wanted to capture myself in the element of teaching.  I wanted to capture not just my screen, but how I manipulated the chemical model set and did funny (but memorable) things with my hands and arms to illustrate how chemicals moved. MediaSite was the answer.  For an entire semester, OIT has classroom-captured my “lectures” in a room in the library where MediaSite is installed.

My lecture class is now captured.  Students benefit from student questions, and the “real” lecture from me.  My “flipped class” and “lecture” class have the opportunity to watch these lectures, pause, rewind, listen again.  This is something not possible in a normal lecture.  No rewinding or pausing the teacher!

In future blogs, I will explain HOW I get students to interact with the videos outside the class and reactions to this new learner-centered environment.

Stay Tuned!!


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