Make Cycle 3 #clmooc

I have not been keeping up with my blog entries about my #clmooc experience.  In fact, life has really been taking my time hostage.  I am pretty sure I put over 1000 miles on my car just taxiing the kids to their activities and friends’ houses.  The weekend activities required my #swimmom and #basketballmom attire.  I will one day wish these days back….

Back to the #clmooc….  The best part about participating in a MOOC is that there are no “due dates” or assignments that must be complete.  I liken this experience to a restaurant smorgasbord… here are your options, take as much or as little as you want.  These past few days I have been in lurker-mode.  Reading but not much making.  This week’s Make Cycle is titled Interest-powered, peer-supported, and connected.  From the #clmooc blog, we are asked to consider how, “we focus our thinking and reflection around the Learning Principles in Connected Learning: interest-powered, peer-supported, and connected to larger systems.

As you create and compose this week, we invite you to think about these questions:

  • How is what you create driven by your interests?
  • How is your learning and making supported by peers?
  • How is your learning and making connected to larger systems?”

We are asked to Make with Me using maps.  I chose to do a Mindomo mindmap.  Since I mostly create things driven by my profession, I created a mindmap on how one would think about starting a new online program.  Take a look at My FIRST Mindomo map.  It’s not very complex or creative, but it is a start.  The cool thing about Mindomo is that it is collaborative.  I could send the link to a colleague and he/she could add to it.  I am all about collaboration!! The more brains the better!

Back to Make Cycle 3…  My “creations” are often driven by professional interests.  I LOVE designing new courses, especially those delivered online.  I feel online courses allow me to be more creative as I am not bound to the traditional lecture….. though I am breaking free of the lecture… I love teaching, but I would love to help teachers design new courses that integrate constructivism and technology.

It is my goal to implement more problem- inquiry-based activities into my classroom.  I just have to use my creativity, peer-support as a #connected educator.


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