Maker Movement #clmooc

Again, “making” is not a passion of mine, but I see the value. As an educator, I need to move outside my comfort zone and offer students alternate ways of learning.. not just learning using the methods that are comfortable with me.  The idea of learning through making is called the Maker Movement.  You can read about it here.

Yesterday in the #clmooc (Connect Learning MOOC), we explored hacking toys.  Not something I actually did, but I was able to view what others were doing.  (I spent most of my day “making” surveys for my dissertation and #flipclass study… so I guess I did “make” something yesterday :).  I participated in a Make with Me hangout last night in Google Hangouts… you can view the archived hangout here.

My 11 y/o son popped in and out and was very interested in the hacking of toys and the conversation about MindCraft that transpired.   Alex is not a traditional learner.  He is creative, kinesthetic, and a great storyteller.  He is at a computer camp this week using Blender to build video games.  Learning this way is ideal for him… he is learning geometry, art, graphics, computer skills, and story telling in a problem-based environment.  The learning is differentiated as there is a wide range of ages and ability levels.  Alex is able to progress through the concepts at his pace.  You can view Alex’s Blender tutorial here.  And a snapshot of his work at computer camp here on Vine.

Emma took to “making” last night as she tried her hand at whoopie pies.  They were pretty good, but we need to work on the filling.  View her process of making whoopie pies here.

Overall, a rich learning experience as this asks me to explore alternate ways of learning and teaching.


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