#clmooc Try New Apps

Yesterday I tried a few more apps/software that will allow me to share video and photos dynamically and through social media.

Many of the #clmooc participants are using Vine to connect with others through a 6 second video.  I have an Android phone and tablet and was able to easily download it through Google Play.  Through Vine I was able to view my Twitter connections and see their Vine activity.  When I did this, I saw that my 15 year old son was using Vine.  I follow him on Twitter, but he is pretty much inactive.  BUT, he had about 5 videos on Vine!  I chose not to follow him, but I did “like” one of his videos.  Realizing this, he quickly blocked me and said that I was the only old person on Vine and that it was creepy.  I was a little taken aback but pressed the comment.

I asked him if he could see this used as a learning tool.  He said no because Vine only allowed 6 seconds of video.  He saw no use for real learning or sharing information.  My 13 year old daughter quickly chimed in and said that YouTube would be much better.  We also discussed “old people” entering the “teens” social media presence.  Both my teens said they blocked parents on Instagram and Vine.  This brings to question whether using teens’ social media in the classroom is advantageous.  I agree with those who look at this as the Creepy Treehouse Effect (read about it here).  I think some social media is appropriate and beneficial in the classroom (like Twitter where you can follow a hashtag, not a person or FB where you can set up a private group and not be a “friend”).  But the more we enter our students’ space, the more resistance we will get.

I also tried Animoto yesterday.  It is free for videos under 30 seconds.  You can purchase an upgrade ($30/year) if you want longer videos.  I can definitely see a use for a class project if an upgrade was purchased.  As an example, view this States 2013.

I have not tried Storify yet, but plan on playing with it a bit today.  More on that tomorrow.

This week #clmooc participants are entering Make Cycle 2:  Shared Purpose and Open Networks.  “For this second Make Cycle, we focus our thinking and reflection around the Connected Learning Design Principles, exploring the connections we make in open networks around shared purposes. ”  

I’m really looking forward to this week!!  Come back to see how this unfolds!!


1 thought on “#clmooc Try New Apps

  1. April Jollie

    It’s funny how our kids have no problem posting things until they realize we will see it. The other day I found a video of my son’s friend mattress surfing down our stairs. Talk about being busted.

    I love Animoto. The videos are short, but are great centered around a main idea. For instance, my students took pictures of erosion around our school to use for a video. It quickly became apparent they were confused about weathering. However they were able to easily fix their projects.


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