#clmooc Week 1

I am amazed at all the creativity bubbling from this group!  Anyone who knows me realizes that I am not very “artsy” or creative with art.  I do not like to sew, knit, cook (I do this to survive), or make things.  I would rather be hiking, biking, swimming, walking, or running.  I am an athlete.  However, I do like to write.  Guess I have to like to write considering I am working on my dissertation and teach online.

A few new items to share about the #clMOOC.  There are SO many cool apps out there.  I don’t have an Ipad, but should probably get one so that I can give these a try.

In addition to Google + and Twitter, we are given the option to subscribe to the Daily #clmooc digital “paper”.  It is processed using paper.li.  I have seen the results of this program, but never explored the options.  As stated on the website, with Paper.li you can “automatically find, publish, & promote engaging articles, photos, and videos from across the web”.  That is exactly what one of the #clmooc facilitators is doing… compiling or curating all the information the participants share.  This looks like something I could use in one of my courses….  I will have to put on my creative thinking cap as to how to implement this….  any ideas are welcome!  (I teach general chemistry and forensics regularly).

We begin “Make Cycle 2” this week.  A Make Cycle is a “time we’ll all be prompted to create and build, digitally as well as materially, individually as well as in community”.  Yikes!  I have to make something!  Maybe I will just focus on “making” lessons that implement an app.  I like doing this…

More tomorrow as I “lurk”, read, contribute a bit in the #clmooc.  So far, it’s a unique experience and one which I feel will give me new connections and creative ideas.


1 thought on “#clmooc Week 1

  1. onewheeljoe

    I think that making a lesson is a great place to start, especially if you end up making a model of what students will produce. This is hopefully a comfortable entry point for you.


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