First day #clmooc reflections

I jumped right in to the #clmooc.  Some interesting items to note from a design perspective…

The #clmooc is not housed in what would be considered a “mooc” platform (is there a standard???).  We are not in EdX, Coursera, Open2Study, etc.  From what I am seeing initially, is that the “homepage” is a blog.  Participants connect mainly in Google+ where there is a Making Learning Connect community.  Here is where participants post ideas and connect.  However… there is also a Twitter presence through the #clmooc hashtag and Twitter chats (still need to participate in one of these!).  MOOC participants are also encouraged to write a blog and feed it into the Blog Hub on the Mooc homepage.   Overall, very interesting concept.

On a “cool app”/new web 2.0 tool front… I tried Vizify.  I forgot my LinkedIn password so I was only able to combine my Twitter and Facebook profiles.  Still, very cool app/tool.  One participant also used Vocaroo to post an audio message.  I will have to play around with this to see if there is a length limit.

Some issues I am having…  Google+ is fairly new to me.  Not sure how to Add to Circles.  What circle?  Do I just make one?  I added some folks as “following”, but again, I’m not sure what this means.

I want to add this blog to the Blog Hub.  Not quite sure how to do this.  I was able to set my categories for the #clmooc blog posts, but I don’t know how to enter the RSS feed into the Hub.  Just set up my WordPress blog yesterday before entering the #clmooc, so WordPress is also new to me!

Wow!  Take me back to my dissertation writing!  That is easy compared to this!  BUT, I am not afraid to try new things and I love making connections with others.  So far I got 4 new followers on Twitter from just yesterday’s connections in #clmooc.


6 thoughts on “First day #clmooc reflections

  1. dogtrax

    Thanks so much for reflecting on your initial experience.
    First, the link to add your blog to the Blog Hub is here:
    Second, I’m glad you noticed how different our MOOC is from some of the others out there. We’re really keeping the “open” to heart, so while we do have the blog as a launching place and while Google Plus is one community area, there are no defined walls around where sharing, collaborating, connecting and making go on. That happens in the spaces where you and me and everyone else makes it happen. Yes, that makes it a bit chaotic at times, but it’s also about the exploration of what MOOCs might really be about (ie, not profit and not course credit, but learning on a large scale).
    Thanks for joining us. It’s wonderful to have you.

  2. Elyse E-A

    Hi Kelly — thanks for the insights into your #clmooc experiences. You’re really jumping in this summer, what with a blog and jump into twitter management as well. I really like that image of focusing on MOOCs as ‘learning on a large scale’…puts the emphasis on learning rather than ‘teaching’

    1. kellybutzler Post author

      I’ve had a “internal” blog on my college’s portal. It is only seen by employees. I have been wanting to go public and this was a shove in that direction. I plan on re-using many of the blogs I have already written.

  3. Terry Elliott (@tellio)

    Also, you can get some initial guidance on how to use G+ for one Joe Dillon’s great guides on the clmooc blog here:
    I especially recommend the use of tagging. For example, there is an interest community growing around meme generation. If you search in Google + for #memegenerator you will find other who have tagged their posts with that …tag. Also +Terry Elliott will make my name into a link that goes to my G+ page.
    Help us figure out how to connect at G+ and make stuff with us.

  4. VanessaVaile

    Actually #clmooc more like the classic connectivist mooc I started with and where I feel more comfortable, Distributed networks created participants who also connect them ~ yes, chaos to navigate (more a matter of intuiting than learning) but so much nicer than monster forums, A Daily with blog and twitter feeds like Stephen Downes does with grRSShoppr would be nice. Tagging is as close to indispensable as any tool / strategy… just keep it up as you go along because tagging a backlog is a drag (but will remind you to keep up with tagging).

    If you come up with something you think would be useful (interesting, fun, or that you just want to try out) but isn’t on the list, just jump in and do it ~ and invite the rest of us to jump in with you.


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