Entering the MOOC late….

With all of this talk about MOOCs, I thought I would give one a whirl.  I did not purposely seek out a MOOC, rather I found #clmooc in my Twitter feed!  I am a Twitter newbie, but have found it incredibly useful as part of my #PLN.  Through this I found that I learn best when connected with other individuals with the same interests.  I am definitely a Interpersonal learner!!  The #clmooc looked like a great match!

It began on June 15th, but I was late into the course… June 21st start.  But there is no better start date than the Summer Solstice, right???

I am a bit overwhelmed right now….  I like reviewing a course weeks before the official start date.  This is putting me out of my comfort zone, but it is a good learning experience.

The first thing I had to do was go into the Google + community where it appears all the action is.  Fortunately, I had a G+ account.  I quickly read the posts and add my first Intro post with a link to my prezi/camtasia resume.  Then I posted seeking others interested in #flipclass #highered or #edtech.  I had one response within 3 minutes!  Hoping for more!


2 thoughts on “Entering the MOOC late….

  1. mrmillernyr

    Glad to you have you in #CLMOOC Kelly. I’ve got a lot of ideas to bounce off you this summer regarding #edtech and #flipclass. I’m curious about your background in these things. Do you run a flipped class right now? What sort of edtech do you have in your classroom? Looking forward to some great conversations.

    1. kellybutzler Post author

      I have flipped my classroom. I used MediaSite to classroom capture. I have data and student feedback. you can find this on my wiki…. kellybutzler.wikispaces.com guess I should add this info here… thanks for reaching out!


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